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Red Green Monochrome

Date: 2009
Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 76.4 x 76.4 x 8 cm
Paper, paper dots

Lionel Estève creates his polychrome pieces at the fringe of sculpture, between fragility and destruction.

The simplicity of the piece gives free reign to the imagination, inviting the viewer to look beyond its surface. The viewer’s gaze is decentred, carried by the “movement” of the paper that reveals an almost tactile space. His rejection of the “grand” is manifested in Red Green Monochrome, a light, polychromatic sculpture made out of simple and trivial pieces of colored paper.

The piece appeals to the joy of form and colour. Bright colours feature in all of Lionel Estève’s work. The artist takes exception to some of our automatic reflexes, and so adopts a distinct inventiveness. He does not shun beauty, even when it borders on decorative sparkle. The artist’s extreme meticulousness is often what lies behind this seemingly apparent simplicity, while light and colour are also used to erase the signs of laborious work as much as possible.

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