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Robinia leaf swing

Date: 1992
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 125 x 125 cm
Robinia leaf halved, ash twigs
Valle di Sella, Italy
Ilfochrome on aluminium

For his in situ works, created first of all in Germany, then in Europe, Japan, Israel and Mexico, Nils Udo uses the elements of nature that he finds around him, such as earth, stones, pieces of wood, wild berries, leaves, water currents, etc. By slightly altering the landscape the artist reveals its beauty and strangeness of nature. He creates a world of "potential utopias" with his coloured hillocks, giant nests and doors towards the unknown. Nils Udo creates works that are not designed to be permanent and which, like a plant, are born, bloom, then die. The artist explains that through this approach he is initiating a "spiritual and aesthetic dialogue" with nature, his sole inspiration.
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