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S. Wood

Date: 2022
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 130x195 cm
Oil and spray paint on canvas

Raphaëlle Bertran’s works are paintings “à clef” layering different levels of meaning. In S.Wood, behind a dark surface, a threatening sun breaks through. The large canvas is inhabited by evanescent figures: the light blinds; the animal, vegetal, and human organisms dissolve, twist, and dislocate.

“I’m setting up an iconography where the human body isn’t just a harmonic measure between two infinities, but an organism destined for disfigurement, acephality, torture, and animality,” explains Raphaëlle Bertran. “We experience filth, the ‘Immonde’. The ‘Immonde’ is what is beyond this world, that doesn’t belong in this world. We open the occult door to a possible permanent reality, sinister and enigmatic.”
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