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Date: 2017
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 197 x 135 cm

"I begin my paintings with the pictorial material, which I outline in black to produce a kind of physicality. In painting, I try from a technical point of view to get as close as possible to a form of reality. Of course, it is not reality, not least because my paintings continue to be greatly inspired by my cartoon practice with the slightly grotesque aspect that characterizes it. " 


Louis Granet has in fact always been a great drawing enthusiast, which led him to begin studying at the Ecole de Bande Dessinée in Angoulême, before going on to the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. 


"I split the canvas into several parts in a fairly radical way to structure it, I highlight certain details. Unlike with cartoons, the object I represent can be self-sufficient, I don’t have to introduce or explain its presence or make it identifiable." 


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