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Date: 2016
Support: Mixed media
Dimensions: 192 x 142 cm

Oil on marble

Pieter Vermeersch’s pictorial research extends beyond the surface of the canvas. Defining the parameters of his work he plunges into and explores representation and abstraction. At first sight, an ethereal presentation characterizes the canvases. At a perceptual level, these paintings could be considered a continuation of the post-war Color Field and Minimalism traditions. They are fairly large format, so that the on-looker becomes, as it were, an integral part of the colour which imperceptibly evolves in perfect chromatic nuances, creating sensations that escape words.


His use of colour, which would first appear to be associated with a monochromatic abstraction tradition, is based on real images, often photographs of his own works or of clear sky, which the artist photographs himself and prints as a negative in a desire to experiment with the non-visible or intangible aspect of reality.

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