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Sans titre (Vous êtes ici n°46)

Date: 2003
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 60 x 127 cm
This work is part of the “Vous êtes ici” exhibition which won Mathieu Bernard-Reymond the CCF Foundation for photography award in 2003. 

The artist uses an image processing software to present a disturbing landscape where the image of the landscape is formed from a single detail, in this case the people. Their environment is a direct consequence of their existence, and the colours of the landscape are their colours. In addition, the people are portrayed as visitors, that is to say, just temporary figures and not inhabitants: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond wants to show a landscape in perpetual motion, and, to this end, toys with the viewer’s perceptions of both space and time, and of the real and unreal. From a vantage point which is more or less elevated, he can make the landscape more or less realistic, even if it remains an improbable vision.
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