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Siedlung Halen (5) (la place du village) / Architectes: Atelier 5 / construction : 1961 (projet 1955) / Bern, Suisse

Date: 2013
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 240 x 240 cm
Yves Bélorgey scoured the world in search of “urban suburb modernist buildings” as the subjects for his collection of large-scale paintings. His work aims to reproduce both the ruins of modernism - an age of architectural utopia for social housing - and the value of pictorial traditions. Bélorgey’s tableaus have a set format (240 x 240 cm) and their titles document the building’s location and the name of its architect, a social, political or architectural failure, as well as the collapse of artistic modernism and painting. With the renovation of urban social housing from the 1970s, Bélorgey too began a period of “reparation” by fabricating building images. In doing so, he was to champion a form of painting that makes proud use of traditional means, giving it an anthropological dimension that is directly in touch with the reality of our surroundings, with the present, and with the history of art.
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