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Sol y Sombra

Date: 2012
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 150 x 230 x 180 cm

wood, polyester resin, nuts and bolts

Sol y Sombra is a “solar” sculpture reminiscent of an emblematic Iberian bust from the 4th-5th century BC: The Lady of Elche on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid in 2011. In Fouchet’s work, the two wheel-like coils that cover the ears and “frame” the woman’s face are interpreted and transposed on a larger scale. The Spanish title evokes the sun and shade of the architecture of the bull-ring, each one defining the location and price of the seats on the stands. The circular form of the arena reflects the earth’s movement around the sun. By analogy, this revolution of the stars and the fundamental and primitive nature of a public sacrifice and these emblematic rituals give this sculpture a hieratic and cosmic dimension.
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