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Structure cercle

Date: 1993
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 130 x 125 x 30 cm

Using large blocks of mat granite, Nahara creates a series of pure, smooth and black geometric forms – cubes, pyramids, cylinders – one shape contrasting with the other but all of the same material. The perfect, shiny, black granite forms are highlighted by blocks of the same granite left in their untouched state with their irregular contours.
Based on the contrasts between void and volume, and between polished and natural surfaces, Nahara reveals the Zen inspiration in which the real nature of the universe unifies any contradictions. In this work, Takashi Naraha performs a calligraphic exercise in three dimensions on the theme of the Zen circle, the symbolic icon of the void conducive to meditation. Deliberately drawing a simple imperfect circle in the infinite circle of the universe is tantamount to realizing that the imperfection of our insignificance and the perfection of all things make one entity.
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