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Tempête dans les Landes I (matin)

Date: 2019
Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 97 x 200 cm
Wood and linocut print on Japanese paper

Chelsea Mortenson’s work revolves around the notion of landscape and the human manifestations inhabiting them: there isn’t a place on Earth that hasn’t been visited and changed by human presence, even in the wildest areas. “I want to underline the strangeness of the way we apprehend the world. The mistake it is to think we can separate human life from the other kinds of lives, and the sense of isolation coming with this mentality. We inhabit the world as much as the world inhabits us. I look at nature in all its diversity; its beauty, its eternity, its chaos,” explains the artist. In Tempête dans les Landes I (matin) [Tempest in the moors I (morning)], the diversity of the techniques used (wood and linocut) highlights the contrast between the calm beauty of the landscape and the deflagration of the tempest. It also creates a contemporary take on the sublime where terror is triggered by human actions.
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