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Date: 2018
Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
Charcoal on paper

Véronique is part of the “Body” series that was started in 2017. Hyperrealistically, it shows anonymous but unique backs singled out by the most infinitesimal details: marks left by clothing, hair, scars, moles… No one can see their own back: keeping its image is choosing mystery, the unknown, absence. Drawn after a photograph freezing a moment in time, this artwork is made with charcoal, chosen for its emotional dimension: it represents tangibly the passage of time, the nostalgia for a specific instant. Translating a digital photograph into a drawing allows Katarzyna Wiesiolek to reveal a personal history. It gives it a shade of indefinite that leaves room for the viewer’s subjectivity. 
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