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Date: 2016
Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 117 x 190 cm
Self-taught artist, Jean-Baptiste Perrot experiments protocols to produce his drawings, offering the shady seduction of the bad broadcast transmissions or IT bug.
A video game scene: a unit of time, space and place where everything is staged. Interactivity you said? Actually, everything is made for us to move and act in a predetermined manner towards a given goal. In spite of all the mastery deployed by the videogame industry in order to create a “zero defects” product, some errors are beyond their control. These flaws are called bugs. In the field of video games, they are called glitches. Henceforth, they open a space of freedom to the player who spots them. The latter will be able to use them in order to act in an undetermined way, get out of the formatted script and jump into the unknown and chaos. 

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