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Date: 2021
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 90 x 110 x 65 cm
Welded Corten Steel

Anton's sculpture exploits the weathering of Corten steel, a material that rusts and changes in tandem with the environment and weather, making the sculpture unique to its home. The characteristics of this material act as a barometer to the location the sculpture is situated in, making the work truly blend with the place. Anton also uses highly contrasting colours to describe the bold and confrontative feelings of adapting to his current surroundings and Hong Kong as a place. The colours draw references to those found in the urban landscapes and  the maps that guide us through them open up a dialogue about journeys ahead.
Through the use of intricate geometric shapes, experimenting with candy-like vivid colours, and the material physicality of his work, Anton's sculptures attempt to map out the complex cultural identities of Hong Kong as a place. He  encourages the audience to navigate and interact with each piece by drawing a thoughtful comparison between travel, space and environment.

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