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As Societe Generale gets familiar with One Bank Street, its new accommodation in London, a new sculpture has just been unveiled in the main reception of the building. Named The Stranger, it has been designed by young Italian artist Fabio Dartizio and fabricatedby Factum Arte (known for making artworks for Marina Abramovic or Jeff Koons). The Stranger is the culmination of an almost two-years-long project set up to support emerging artists in London. Dartizio, born in Italy in 1989, lives and works  in London after graduating from Central Saint Martins, and was chosen after a selection process. His bronze sculpture which is more than four meters high, commissioned for Societe Generale, looks both ethereal and monumental. A bridge between earth and the sky, it is a temporary moment that is made permanent through bronze. Its delicacy is the result of cutting-edge foundry casting and its silhouette is true-to-life from a meteorological point of view. It now graces the foyer of One Bank Street.

View of the Foyer of One Bank Street in London - Photo : Lanny Walker

> More information: https://onebankstreet.societegenerale.co.uk/hello-stranger/