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Yves Bélorgey's work contemplates suburban housing projects, juxtaposing the modernist utopian vision that guided their construction from the 1950s to 1970s against their subsequent architectural, social and political decline. Romain Bernini's figurative painting focuses on humanity and the intersection of traditional cultures and modernity. American artist Fahamu Pecou uses symbolism from marketing and magazines to examine identification with contemporary Black culture, adding to the dialogue of the Négritude movement. Etienne Fouchet's sculptures have an organic quality, exhibiting emptiness and fullness, rigidity and fluidity.

In a more abstract tone, Rui Moreira's work patiently traces worlds inspired by the artist's travels, by divinities, music and cinema of the 20th century, creating a landscape and geometric constructions of a large scale. Nicolas Roggy's paintings exhibit waveforms made of layers of materials linked together by a variety of techniques. David Lefebvre alters landscapes and portraits with distorted imagery and virtual-looking geometric figures. The Quistrebert brothers work together, contemplating new horizons for art and working like alchemists to create works that have the allure of mystery.


Romain Bernini
Etienne Fouchet

David Lefebvre
Fahamu Pecou
Florian and Michaël Quistrebert